Trockland Management GmbH, 01.11.2023


Dear Trockland Partners, Friends, and Family,  

In the face of shocking, painful, and heart-wrenching reality we have all
too often been forced to confront, we all must continue in our unwavering dedication to building a more united world. As we navigate daily challenges and global shifts, we at Trockland continue our evolution as a corporate entity, as we aim to better convey and share our core beliefs and values with the world surrounding us. Out of this ongoing transformation have evolved a more mature company, that aspires to contribute to the growing global desire for a world at peace and in unity. As part of our efforts, we’re proud to introduce the new Trockland website.

It is also no secret that the real estate industry is currently grappling with
a crisis, with reports of companies declaring bankruptcy or fighting for survival. This challenging environment is likely to persist for some time. Trockland, too, is not immune to the effects of the current challenging economy and financial crisis. However, we are well-prepared for any bumps ahead, as we have weathered economic slowdowns on a global scale before.

At the same time, we are also seeing positive developments during this time, such as the levelling-off of so far skyrocketing construction costs.
We also expect new investment opportunities to emerge soon. Our
ongoing development projects are progressing, and we are strategically moving ahead with construction to be ready for when the market rebounds.

We’re pleased to report that pre-letting, for our Funkytown, Wilhelmine, The PettCo, and DOXS NKLN projects is progressing smoothly.

The demand for space in our rapidly growing city remains, albeit at a
slightly slower pace. Additionally, we anticipate an increasing demand for
new assets that align with the highest environmental standards (ESG),
as is already the trend with commercial Real Estate.

Our commitment to expanding and supporting our international network
of like-minded business partners remains strong. We’re excited to invite you to the “Trockland Talks” event, our second of the year. This time, our focus is on “National Security,” and we are honored to host three distinguished experts, Prof. Sönke Neitzel, Olaf Lindner, and Dr. Hans-Peter Bartels, for an insightful discussion at the Kabbalah Centre on November 30th. If you find yourself in Berlin that evening, you are warmly invited to join us.

In these turbulent times, we wish all of you good health, peace, and security.

Heskel Nathaniel, Neophytos Stylianou, Daniel Avner