Market Reflections 4th Quarter 2023 - A Very Good Year With Only A Few Losers!

Das Family Office, 11.01.2024

Dear Clients, Friends and Partners of Das Family Office,

Expectations for financial markets in 2023 were modest, especially against the backdrop of continuing inflation and rising interest rates in all major economies except for China. It was therefore even more astonishing to observe that both bond and equity markets performed very well into July.

Despite a significant setback during the summer and into October, both stocks and bonds delivered outstanding returns, especially for technology and global quality growth stocks.  

Bond investors, that were bruised in 2022, could recover the bulk of their losses and are now enjoying real interest rates after the global bond market 're-set.'

We've just released our quarterly report 'Reflections' :

Please take a look at an abundance of information and specific details on how you can build a portfolio that works!

With best wishes for a healthy and peaceful start of the year!