“TO FOSTER” means: supporting, assisting, raising and encouraging…

The name speaks for itself: Since 2009, we foster the development of Family Offices, by providing a platform for networking, information gathering and communication. We bring the right people and experts together, to conduct meaningful conversations that foment guidance for the future.

We have developed an independent platform for the Family Office management, as asset structures and framework conditions become increasingly complex, while there is very limited information on trends relevant for Family Offices.

Moreover, we have designed different criteria, Family Offices and services providers should fulfill. The services providers gathered in our network are all fulfilling these specific criteria.

Foster Research

Detailed information about trends and relevant developments in the Family Office sector, as well as about different asset classes, like real estate, art or alternative investments, are created by FOSTER research. FOSTER allocates these information with its partners. Furthermore, we are carrying out primary empirical research, if there is a gap on relevant topics.

Please be in touch, if you are interested in one of our studies with topics as: “direct and indirect real estate investments in Family Offices, Private Equity in Family Offices, FOSTER Family Office Studie 2016”…

Foster in the press

You are interested in what the press says about FOSTER? We have provided a selection of press reviews of the last years.