Das Family Office

Mario Becker, 27.07.2023

Dear Clients, Friends and Partners of Das Family Office,

With few exceptions, global financial markets continued to develop very favourably in the second quarter, which is positively reflected in the portfolios of our clients. Above all, the strong rise of the Nasdaq 100 index by more than 30 % makes many investors‘ hearts beat faster. After the index experienced a bear market last year, in which it was sold off, mainly due to its high valuation in times of rising interest rates, it now recorded a bull run that has already made up for all the losses of 2022.

The reason for the strong rise is mainly to be seen in the fact that the valuations at the beginning of the year were very attractive. In addition, we can witness an ‚Artificial Intelligence (AI) Euphoria‘, in which especially the large Nasdaq 100 index components (Alphabet, Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, etc.) are seen as big winners. There is immense demand for these shares, which has made their valuation considerably more expensive again. We would therefore be surprised if the Nasdaq 100 continues at the same pace in the coming months. However, this does not mean that long-term investors should say goodbye to their Nasdaq 100 investments.

We've just released our quarterly report 'Reflections' below.

With best wishes for a healthy, happy and peaceful second quarter!

Yours Truly,

Mario Becker


Founder and CEO of Das Family Office